News services and links
(last updated February 10, 2006)

The command format for news links is news://server/group. They can be clicked with the mouse, entered into your browser's address window, or opened via Start>Run. For example if the group is alt.spam on the server, the link is news:// If you already have an open account to a server that carries the group, you may be able to use the shortform news:group, for example news:alt.spam.


These are free news servers with posting allowed, except as noted. You can try clicking on the news link to open the account in your news reader automatically, or click the http link to obtain more information via your browser. If they require a logon, enter your username and password into account properties. Most free news servers have a short lifetime but these have been around for awhile.

news:// read only
news:// (local)
news:// (local) - good
news:// (local) related to annexcafe
news:// (local)
news:// (usenet)
news:// (usenet) - excellent

(local) = proprietary newsgroups, usually not available anywhere else
(usenet) = public newsgroups propagated by usenet, widely available


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